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Individualized business solutions for your packaging, assembly, and fulfillment needs.

Let us complete your supply chain at one of our two state-of-the-art facilities in North and South Jersey. Benefiting from over 40 years of experience, we know how to get your product ready for market and save you money in the process.

NJ Packaging and Fulfillment works with the Easterseals New Jersey’s Employment Services Program to increase employment opportunities for people with disabilities throughout New Jersey. Learn more about how working with us is helping people with disabilities succeed through employment.

Serving New Jersey, New York, and Eastern Pennsylvania

What They Are Saying About Us



“We are a national supplier of high quality cake boards used in bakery packaging for the bakery industry. When our order volume unexpectedly increases, we are required to use outside sources for packing and shipping preparation. We found Easterseals New Jersey to be an excellent partner. They provided the extra resources that we…”

Tool Kits for Kids

Toolkits for Kids

“The single, complete set of tool kits arrived. They are wonderful. The shrink wrap is tight and perfect. The assembly was perfect, the cards were placed exactly how we …”



“Easter Seals provides a value add, not only in the efficiency of operation, methodical pricing, and expeditious turnaround, but also in their cooperative grasp of logistics and management of the flow of materials. I have found them to be eager for a challenge…”

Johnson & Johnson

“I have worked with Raritan Valley Workshop for six years. They are very dedicated to their work and always meet your deadline. I had a sense of comfort, knowing

Our Services

Product Packaging and Assembly

Make sure your product is assembled properly and packaged securely for transport.

Read more about Packaging and Assembly

Shrink Wrapping

Secure your product with a clean and professional look.

Read more about Shrink Wrapping


Uniform bagging is essential for quality control and best packaging practices.

Read more about Bagging.

Heat Sealing

A great way to keep your product safe and clean during transport.

Read more about Heat Sealing.

Simple and Complex Kit Assembly

Enhance the way your customers experience your product by having a crisp, organized kit.

Read more about Kit Assembly

Point of Purchase Display Assembly

Increase the chances for impulse purchases by giving your product the display it deserves.

Read more about Point of Purchase Display Assembly

Quality Control Inspection

Make sure your reputation for quality is untarnished by having a keen eye examine your product before it hits the shelves.

Read more about Quality Control Inspection.

Sample Packaging

Develop sample packaging that encourages first time purchases and reminds previous customers to buy again.

Read more about Sample Packaging.


Avoid shipping confusion by ensuring all your products are properly labeled.

Read more about Labeling

Promotional Materials Assembling

Well assembled promotional materials attract new customers and helps establish a positive brand identity.

Read more about Promotional Materials Assembling

Envelope Stuffing and Collating

A time-consuming but necessary task when preparing mass mailings.

Read more about Envelope Stuffing and Collating.

Dismantling and Repacking

Our team can help save you the frustration of dismantling and repacking marketing materials as you move them from vendor to vendor.

Read more about Dismantling and Repacking.

Binder and Folder Collating and Assembling

If you are putting on a presentation to a large group, we can save you the time of assembling your supporting materials.

Read more about Binder and Folder Collating and Assembling


Transportation can be bumpy business so you need to make sure your goods are strapped down securely to ensure they arrive safe and sound.

Read more about Strapping

Electronic Weighing

The use of digital weighting saves you money by ensuring none of your product ever goes to waste.

Read more about Electronic Weighing.


One of the most economical methods of transporting your product.

Read more about Palletizing.