We want you to know that when you work with NJ Packaging and Fulfillment, you become part of something much bigger than just our business. You are making a difference. You are helping to provide employment opportunities and job training to people with disabilities and special needs throughout the state of New Jersey.

The number one issue facing people with disabilities throughout the United States today is chronic unemployment. The unfortunate reality for people with disabilities is that many employers view them as unable to work. This simply isn’t true and all the data speaks to the contrary. Even so, the unemployment rates for people with disabilities are still dismal, especially when compared to the rates of those who do not have a disability. We believe in an employment first mentality; that people with disabilities can and should work. By working with businesses like yours, we are able hire and train workers with disabilities, increasing their financial independence and preparing them for their future careers.

We know that social good makes good business sense. So if you’re ready to make a difference and help your bottom line in the process, give us a call.

Your business is unique and we want to learn more about what you need to succeed. Please contact us and let us find a way to help your business find innovative solutions that save you time and money.