Our Services

New Jersey Packaging and Fulfillment can save your business both time and money without sacrificing the quality of your products.

Product Packaging and Assembly – Make sure your product is assembled properly and packaged securely for transport.

Shrink Wrapping – Secure your product with a clean and professional look.

Bagging – Uniform bagging is essential for quality control and best packaging practices.

Heat Sealing – A great way to keep your product safe and clean during transport.

Simple and Complex Kit Assembly – Enhance the way your customers experience your product by having a crisp, organized kit.

Retail Point of Purchase Display Assembly and Pack Out – Increase the chances for impulse purchases by giving your product the display it deserves.

Quality Control Inspection – Make sure your reputation for quality is untarnished by having a keen eye examine your product before it hits the shelves.

Sample Packaging – Develop sample packaging that encourages first time purchases and reminds previous customers to buy again.

Labeling/Re-labeling – Avoid shipping confusion by ensuring all your products are properly labeled.

Promotional Materials Assembling – Well assembled promotional materials attract new customers and helps establish a positive brand identity.

Envelope Stuffing and Collating – A time-consuming but necessary task when preparing mass mailings.

Dismantling and Repacking – Our team can help save you the frustration of dismantling and repacking marketing materials as you move them from vendor to vendor.

Binder and Folder Collating and Assembling – If you are putting on a presentation to a large group, we can save you the time of assembling your supporting materials.

Strapping – Transportation can be bumpy business so you need to make sure your goods are strapped down securely to ensure they arrive safe and sound.

Electronic Weighing – The use of digital weighting saves you money by ensuring none of your product ever goes to waste.

Palletizing – One of the most economical methods of transporting your product.

Electronic Coding – A fast and easy way to label your products with important information for consumers.