It’s time to celebrate! NJ Packaging and Fulfillment Services (NJPFS) was awarded the “Innovator of the Year Award” by the New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program (NJMEP) during their 2017 manufacturing day celebration. We are so thankful to NJMEP for their support and recognition. NJPFS is proud to offer top-quality services to New Jersey businesses that are enriching our state’s economy. This is what NJMEP had to say:

NJ Manufacturing Extension Program Innovator of the Year Award: Easterseals

NJ Manufacturing AwardThe capabilities of Easterseals NJ Packaging and Fulfillment Services (NJPFS) workers in New Brunswick are vastly different, depending on individual physical and mental disabilities. To ensure every participant enjoys the confidence, passion, commitment and pride in assembling and packaging quality products, NJPFS developed flexible, yet inexpensive, training and production methods that can be used for individuals with different aptitudes, thereby enabling every NJPFS program participant to contribute to the manufacturing process. The processes also can be adapted easily for different operations, based on the type of product on the lines. These innovative procedures enable members of the workforce to perform intricate tasks that require high levels of concentration, enable quick product and line changeovers, and achieve the highest quality and customer satisfaction levels – and, importantly, enhance participants’ lives through the satisfaction gained by a job well done.